In Hershey, PA… #Divas Champions get giant Hershey Bars!? @RealPaigeWWE #WWE #Smackdown #WWEHershey #EMMAlution

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CHIKARAcast #1 w/ Dan Berg & Stevie J - UltraMantis Black! (@CHIKARApro @UltraMantis)

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Daniel Bryan's father passes away

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Hello, hello! Guess who’s back with another translation? This is the first time I’ve physically wrote on a comic, so please excuse the amateurish editing. This comic is done by うさ仔(Usako)! I made sure to ask if it was okay to translate it first, and she was really nice about it ;; You can check out this comic over at this link.

I took a few liberties with the translation since some phrasings in this comic wouldn’t have worked as well in english. Please enjoy! If you have any corrections to make, please do leave a comment. I’m not exactly Japanese master over here.

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World Wonder Ring STARDOM April 20th


The Farscape Movie is Officially Happening

First person I thought of when I heard this was sabaceanbabe! Cheers to you and cheers to me, and let’s hope D’Argo the Younger lives up to his namesake!